Spiritism has come to reveal to mankind, by means of irrefutable proof, the existence and nature of the spiritual world and its relationship to the physical world."  Allan Kardec - "The Gospel According to Spiritism", Chapter 1, published by ISC.


 Yes, we all live many lives and those who say otherwise wish to keep you in the ignorance in which they themselves dwell. That is their desire. (question 166 of The Spirits' Book) .We are at the present the end result of many hundred past lives. 



What is Spiritism?

Spiritism, codified  in the nineteenth century by Frenchman Allan Kardec, is based on the New Testament, seeks to study the mediumistic phenomena and preaches that the spirit(soul) follows an evolutionary line through successive reincarnations.

It is the set of laws and principles, as revealed by the Superior Spirits, contained in the works of Allan Kardec, which constitute the Spiritist Codification: The Spirits' Book, The Mediums' Book, The Gospel According to Spiritism, Heaven and Hell, and The Genesis.

"Spiritism is a science which deals with the nature, origin and destiny of Spirits, as well as their relationship with the corporeal world." Allan Kardec (What is Spiritism—Preamble)

"Spiritism realises what Jesus said of the promised Consoler, by bringing knowledge of those things which allow Man to know where he came from, where he is going and why he is on Earth; so attracting mankind towards the true principles of God's law and offering consolation through faith and hope."  Allan Kardec (The Gospel According to Spiritism—Chap.6—Item4)


Spiritism a philosophic doctrine with moral consequences. Spiritism has moral consequences as its objective.

So one does become a Spiritist because one enters a spiritist centre. No, but one may have become a sympathiser of Spiritism.

  When one studies spiritist science in depth and reflects upon its postulates and principles, they will transform oneself.  

Spiritism is a science of observation, a philosophic doctrine and which, as a practical science, consists of the relationships established between us and the spirits. 

As philosophy, it emcompass all the moral consequences resulted from tthese relationships.(What is Spiritism)

Whatever is said or done, neither its distinctive character, its rational philosophy nor its consoling philosophy will ever be taken away from Spiritism. 

"Spiritism is a science whose purpose is the experimental demonstration of the existence of the soul and its immortality, through communication with those whom have been improperly called dead." Gabriel Delanne